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q: ‌Where can I buy Rapid SUP products?

Rapid SUP implements the Direct to Customer model - we sell directly to customers exclusively from our site! This allows us to offer our customers the best price for high quality products bypassing intermediaries.

q: Changes in design and construction

Rapid SUP is able to make changes to the design of its products, which are aimed at improving performance, without prior notice to users.

q: About SUP in Ukraine and the world

SUP — stand up and paddling.

Sports and activities on the water, which has rapidly gained popularity around the world over the past 10-15 years.

He was born in the 50's and 60's in Hawaii among surfers. It appeared in Ukraine about 5 years ago. Since 2017 it has been developing in Ukraine as a sport, in 2018 the first SUP championship of Ukraine is held.



q: How difficult is it for a beginner to get up and paddle for the SUP for the first time?

It has been tested that almost anyone will be able to stand and paddle at the SUP.

Basic training will take from 30 minutes to several hours. For starters, it is better to choose wider models, such as 10″ 6′.

q: Which SUP is best to choose for the first time?

We recommend models of inflatable boards for beginners: FUN 10 ″ 8 ′, TOUR 12’6 ′. These are the most versatile and easy to use boards.

q: Is it possible to paddle with children and adult passengers?

So children can be taken on board. Only go out on the water in life jackets with children!

For paddling two (three) adults together there is a model Rapid Tandem.

q: What are the benefits of an inflatable SUP board?

The first is mobility — the inflated board is in a backpack, with which you can travel, put in the luggage of the plane, take with you in the car.

Rapid inflatable board is pumped in 10-15 minutes.

q: Production and quality of Rapid SUP products

Our products are manufactured in factories that produce boards for leading Western brands. Material — double layer of PVC for wear resistance. Our inflatable boards have been tested for 4 years in difficult conditions of daily intensive use at rental points, as well as during multi-day trips around the world: from the California coast to the Canary Islands and from Polissya rivers to ocean waves on the island of Bali.

Oars — Czech Republic / China, clothes and bags — Ukraine, composite boards — Latvia, accessories — Ukraine and China.

q: What materials are Rapid inflatable boards made of?

Drop stitch technology, 2-layer PVC and nylon threads between them, which maintain high pressure and maximum rigidity of the structure. EVA rug. The design of the case is steady against blows.

q: What are the performance characteristics of inflatable boards, what is the operating pressure?

We recommend keeping the pressure in the range of 15-20 psi. More than 20 psi (1.4 Bar) is physically difficult to pump. It is not advisable to leave the inflated board under the sun in the heat. It is also not recommended to transport inflated boards on the roof of the car, especially in hot weather.

q: How to choose a paddle for SUP?

If your mode of touring, then an aluminum paddle with a plastic spatula will suit you.

For more experienced riders and athletes, we recommend Rapid carbon paddles.

One-component paddle — for use / storage in stationary places, two-component — more versatile with the possibility of fixing the length, three-component - the most suitable for travel, flights.

q: What else do you need for paddling on the SUP?

Pump, bag, fin and repair kit is included in the complete set of the Rapid inflatable board. You will also need a leash to keep the board close to you in case you fall into the water.

Sealed case for phone and documents.

An airtight bag or backpack will not be superfluous for travel.

The vest is obligatory for the persons who are bad or cannot be able to swim and for children.

For others, a vest is not required when using ringworm.

It is desirable to wear the right clothes - shorts, T-shirt or T-shirt, hat.

q: What are your advantages over competitors?

We are specialists in our field, we are fond of SUP and water issues for more than a year. We design and develop a unique design, construction of boards in Ukraine and we use our boards on the water, including SUP races of various levels.

Inflatable board technology — Rapid Core — 2-layer Drop-Stich PVC.

Rapid is the first Ukrainian SUP brand.

We are actively developing SUP and sports movement in Ukraine and the world.

We have a professional team Rapid SUP Team, which takes part in cups and world championships and other international competitions.

Rapid is the title sponsor of UFSS — Ukrainian Federation of SUP and Surfing.

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